The Pinckert Family

Dad, Mom and 10 Children

Evelyn was one of 10 children born to Emma and Frank Pinckert in Medford, Wisconsin. Life was difficult living in small farming communities; houses were typically small log cabins and children were educated in one room schoolhouses. The Pinckerts lived in a two story farm house and the school they attended was called The Pinckert School. All of their 10 children survived; which was rare in those days.

Frank and Emma, however, wanted greater opportunity for their family so they pulled up stakes and moved to Carthage, Missouri where Frank purchased a dairy in 1910. After 10 years, Frank moved the family again…this time to Southern California and finally settling in San Bernardino.

It was there that Evelyn began to dream of flying. She would observe Red Tailed Hawks ride the updrafts on the edge of the desert. She began to believe that she would fly someday…and she did. “If you can believe it, you can do it!” was the motto of Evelyn Pinckert Brier; known by family and friends as “Pinky”.

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